IHP Kyoto Training Course

at WRRC, DPRI, Kyoto Univ.


IHP training course in Asian countries has been held in Japan every year under the support of a Trust Fund for UNESCO from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japanese Government.

Originally, Nagoya University hosts this training course every year, and it was called as "IHP Nagoya Training Course". Recently, both Kyoto University and Nagoya University host this training course biennially.

The topics of the recent events at Kyoto are listed below.

  • 19th (2009): "Water Resources and Water-Related Disasters under Climate Change
                              - Prediction, Impact Assessment and Adaptation -"
        19th-Report(Japanese)     19th-Program(Japanese)

  • 21st (2011): "Introduction to River Basin Environment Assessment under Climate Change"
        21st-Report(Japanese)     21st-Report(English)

  • 23rd (2013): "Ecohydrology for River Basin Management under Climate Change"

  • 25th (2015): "Risk Management of Water-related Disasters under Changing Climate"
        25th-Outline (English)