International Workshop on Impacts of Global Warming
from Hydrological and Hydraulics Issues

- Research Collaborations between DPRI, Kyoto University and IAHR -

Date : March 16, 2010
Venue : Kihada Hall, Uji Obaku Plaza, Kyoto University
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Poster of Workshop (pdf)  Purpose and program of Workshop (pdf)

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    Water Resources Research Center, DPRI-IAHR-Workshop2010 Secretary

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 The impacts of climate change and global warming against the human society and activities are not still clear although many related research have been proposed. To overcome those exclusive research circumstances, the continuous studies among hydrological and hydraulics events must be taken under the actual collaborations. Nowadays, by using GCM output, flood, drought, typhoon, snow and glacier melting, sea level raise, salinity instruction and etc, are strongly approached, individually. However, deeper collaborations are requested to understand the actual impact in the human society and activity and propose the necessary countermeasures for urgent climate change. For instance, the temperature rise accelerates the change of ecological distributions such as wild animals, birds and fishes, and the weathering characteristics of soil conditions causing land slide. The urban heating generates un-expected precipitation distribution as the inland flood and consequently the present flood control plan may be modified. Under those circumstances, we would like to discuss more practical phenomena due to the global warming and climate change in this continuous world.

 Fortunately, IAHR (International Association of Hydraulics and Engineering Research) established the working group of climate change collaborating with IAHS (International Association of Hydrological Science) to summarize the state of art and necessary research topics. On the other hands, DPRI (Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University) is organizing the revolution research group, supported by the government, to take the concentrated researches from meteorological, hydrological and hydraulic viewpoints with updated GCM outputs. With this opportunity, The frank and deep discussion among presenters and participants are requested to estimate the future human life and to step forward to propose the significant countermeasures.

 Two speakers from IAHR member and R-R member are presented for 20 minutes, individually and then the common discussion is provided among all participants. Although the proceeding can be edited with the published papers, the originality is not requested.


Morning Session (Chair: Dr. Y. Suzuki)
10:10-11:10Presentation 1, Runoff process
Dr. R. Ranzi (Italy) "Are there evidences of the impacts of global warming on runoff regimes in the southern Alps?"
Dr. Y. Sato (Japan) "Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change: Recent Progresses and Problems"
11:10-12:10Presentation 2, Fluvial mechanism
Dr. P.L. Patel (India) "Impact of Climate Change on Fluvial Processes"
Dr. H. Takebayashi (Japan) "Effects of Increase and Decrease in Water and Sediment Supply on Geometry of Alternate Bars"


Afternoon Session (Chair: Dr. Y. Takemon)
13:30-14:30Presentation 3, Environment
Dr. S-I. Lee (Korea) "Issues in Climatic Impacts on Water Environments and Future Research Collaboration"
Dr. T. Sumi (Japan) "Influences of Climate Change on Freshwater Environment"
14:30-15:30Presentation 4, Inland flood
Dr. A. Paquier (France) "Flood studies and effects of climate change: two examples"
Dr. K. Kawaike (Japan) "Development of Integrated Numerical Model to Predict Inundation Phenomena in Urban Area due to Heavy Rainfall"
15:30-16:30Presentation 5, Coastal disasters
Dr. S. De Costa (New Zealand) "A review of coastal disasters – Cases of New Zealand, a collection and excerpts from NIWA and UN reports"
Dr. N. Mori (Japan) "Climate change effects on coastal disasters"

Coffee break

16:45-18:00Panel discussion (Chair: Dr. T. Sumi)
Presentations are summarized by Dr. T. Hori
Discussion on future climate issues among panelists and audience
18:30-20:30Reception at Restaurant Kihada in Uji Obaku Plaza
(Registration Fee \3,000)